“Mama said…SEW”

the whole quilt

I grew up watching my mother sew, she grew up watching her mother sew; and now my children watch me sew. It is for them that I created this quilt and pattern. Hopefully it inspires some 4th generation sewers. The quilt is designed to teach basic and intermediate patchwork, applique and embroidery skills. Along with binding and quilting skills. It’s fun and each block comes together easily. There are 12 blocks in all. This summer I plan on teaching my 2 older girls how to sew, with this quilt being the end goal! We’ll see how far we get? We’ll applique their name instead of the “mama said…SEW” logo.

If you have any questions, send me an email!

Artist Trio Pattern

My Artist Trio pattern has finally been published. Sorry for the long delay. I couldn’t decide if I wanted 3 separate patterns, or 2; one with just the apron and one with the pencil portfolio and crayon caddy? So I finally just did all 3 in one. They will be in the shop soon for $12. Then I’ll get started on a PDF download pattern very soon.